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Mobile health testing is blank in the embryonic stage of mobile medicine

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       Ms. Chen Hongyan, Secretary-General of Medical Devices Branch of China Medical Material Association, is an advocate of mobile medicine. Although this undertaking is still in the exploratory stage, Chen Hongyan is full of confidence in it. "Mobile medicine is in its infancy, and some companies are trying to do it, but they have not yet formed a brand. Mobile medicine is the blue sea area of medical treatment. It will be very convenient for the whole people to have a doctor in their pockets.
Mobile medicine is in its infancy
Chen Hongyan worked in hospital for ten years in his early years, and later developed in the pharmaceutical retail industry. She found that traditional medicine has no concept of the Internet, and the business model of medicine is very traditional, so practitioners dare not rush into this field. "Many industries in China lag behind the developed countries in the West, but the Internet is not behind them." After Chen Hongyan came into contact with the Internet, he began to use his brains to make mobile medical products.
In the field of mobile medicine, there are many products, such as Chunyu palm doctor, quick doctor and so on. "Now mobile medicine is in its infancy. There are hundreds of unknown websites doing mobile medicine, but they are generally not well known."
At present, 330 million Chinese are overweight, 924,000 people with diabetes and more than 200 million people with hypertension. Mobile medical products can support digital medical equipment such as electronic scales, sphygmomanometers and blood sugar meters by installing system software on mobile phones to serve the people in need. Chen Hongyan tells.
Mobile health testing is blank
"I found that mobile health testing is blank, so I intend to do this project." Chen Hongyan said that mobile health testing is to install the system software on the mobile phone terminal, which can measure blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids... You can also bind your family's mobile phones together. For example, the old lady's blood pressure is high. Not only does her mobile phone give a reminder, but also the old lady's daughter and son's mobile phone give a reminder so that they can see a doctor in time, otherwise they may cause other diseases and so on. "Now that the project is in the development stage, I find it very difficult to accomplish it solely by the strength of a company, and need to cooperate with a strong company."
Chen Hongyan's current consolatory Internet medical product is "cloud pharmacy". The pharmacy will go online in 2012. Patients can enter their physical symptoms, and the system data will appear medication guidelines, which will be directed to the online pharmacy. This product does not need physician online service, and the bottleneck of online products such as "Cloud Pharmacy" is the lack of browsing.
Mobile Training in Pharmacy
Most medical practitioners do not understand the concept of mobile medicine, let alone develop products. "I use online training and mobile training products in drug stores to raise awareness of the use of the Internet and mobile Internet by pharmaceutical industry practitioners." Chen Hongyan said.
Beijing Business Daily reporters observed that in Chen Hongyan's "Pharmacy Training" website, through online training or mobile training, students can learn what role vitamin C has, symptoms of oral inflammation, fever and non-drug cooling as necessary medical, pharmaceutical, health expertise for pharmacy employees, and related. Examination and assessment, etc.
Chen Hongyan said: "One of the mobile health management products our company plans to develop is self-health testing, family medication guidance, which can be related to hospitals, health examination centers, pharmacies and so on. At present, this project has attracted the attention of relevant government departments."
It is understood that Chen Hongyan is still making a mobile medical product with medication reminder, as long as the name of the drug is entered into the mobile phone, it will remind which medicine to take. This is very necessary and convenient for the elderly with poor memory.
"I am a Post-70s generation. Our generation is an immigrant of the Internet. Our descendants are the aborigines of the Internet. Smartphones have brought great changes to our lives. My dream is to make mobile medical products, so that the whole people have a doctor and pharmacist in their pockets. Chen Hongyan is full of longing for this.
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